Quality and Certificates

With our high technology, knowledge and experience, and our qualified workforce, we are at the forefront of maintaining and improving our place in the world quality competition. Our principle of “Respecting Nature” is also carried out with care for a clean environment in this race.

Our quality management; Coordination and support programs required to meet the expectations of our customers in the world, which are transformed into a single market, and the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the requirements of the quality management system.

Because quality production is a result of the common efforts of our employees, quality training and incentive programs based on the realization and improvement of quality consciousness in all our staff are the basis of our Education Policy.

“Quality Handbook” which is the main document of TS EN ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949 Quality Management System describes all the principles and procedures of the system. All managers and employees must adhere to these principles and procedures. These principles, DONAU A.Ş. Products to customer requirements, national and international standards and in accordance with the law.